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News Updates

Newsletter August 2013

Summer Reflections


Newsletter December 2012

A Better Solution and a Better Bottom Line


Newsletter October 2012

Prices Down on Battery Powered Lights and LED Bulbs


Newsletter September 2012

Forgetting Simple Truths


Newsletter August 2012

LEDs - How Bright Are They?


Newsletter May 2012

Mains Lighting Systems

Unfortunately we know that exhibition lighting often is added as an afterthought to the layout plans and as such can present numerous problems. With this in mind we have developed our Daisy-Chain lighting system.....................  To read more click: HERE


Newsletter April 2012

Technical Support; Battery Powered Lighting; the Ryder Cup.  To view the latest newsletter click HERE


Newsletter March 2012

Battery power and the death of the halogen spotlight

Battery Powered Exhibition Lights

We are delighted to be able to offer our new range of battery powered exhibition lights for those occasions where mains power is just not available. 

Sometimes in a field, or the middle of a room we haven’t got access to mains electricity, but good lighting would make all the difference to our displays; that’s when you need our new battery powered lights.  We can supply single spotlights or sets of 4 lights.  Using the high powered 4W LED MR16 bulb each spotlight delivers the equivalent to a traditional 35W halogen bulb and each light will run for 12 hours before the battery needs re-charging. 

The new high powered LED 12 volt bulbs have made this dream possible by delivering much higher light output (lumens) for much less wattage.  Collateral benefits include much less heat and long bulb life expectancy (30,000 hours compared with 4,000 hours for our traditional halogen low voltage spotlights).

This battery powered solution can be delivered with any of our low-voltage ranges of lights, allowing you to match style across an installation.  To view the battery powered system click BATTERY

Death of the Halogen Spotlight

You may have seen in the trade press the announcement that the EU plans to phase out the halogen spotlight bulb.  The latest news on this is that by 2015, a complete phase out will happen BUT the discussions are ongoing and although the environmental lobby is championing the LED as a replacement, there is still no viable, cost-effective alternative for the 50W halogen spotlight and so the arguments are continuing.

So where does that leave the exhibition and display designer?  The answer is, right where we are now.  We already stock LED MR16’s (12v) and LED GU10 (mains) bulbs which simply replace conventional bulbs on the: “take to old one out: put the LED in basis” but only up to 35W equivalent.  There are more powerful LED bulbs but these are still prohibitively expensive, but we all know that given volume and technological advances, these can quickly fall in price to “acceptable” levels.

Our advice here at Aardvark Lighting is to continue to build your exhibitions and displays using the MR16 or GU10 spotlights and these will be able to be simply “updated” when the time is right, giving you and your clients the best solution now whilst “future-proofing” the installation. See all our LED ranges here on our new website, click LED RANGES.


Over the Easter period (2nd-13th April) we will be on a partial shut-down for annual holidays.  We can take orders in advance and deliver them during this time and will have a reception services and a skeleton manufacturing staff but would appreciate your help by forward ordering if possible.  Taking a break now will allow us to offer a full service in the much busier August.


Newsletter February 2012

 New Website:


Aardvark Display Lighting are delighted to announce that they have just launched their new website:  The site represents months of in-house work designing a site to give better images and more technical information on the complete range of display lights manufactured here in South Yorkshire. 


The site is organised so that it is easy to identify the range of lights you require and then easily focus down on the exact variation which meets your needs.  Packed full of pertinent information on the pro's and con's of the different light options, the site makes the lighting designers job much easier, but can equally be used by the non-expert to source the most appropriate solution for their display, exhibition, shop-fitting or point of purchase display.


With 11 ranges of lights, 7 transformers, 4 colours, 8 arms and 16 "feet" attachment, the opportunities are almost limitless, but this new site helps you to easily find the right option for you, shows you clear, well signed images and full technical specifications on each range. 


Here at Aardvark Display Lighting we are very excited about the boost this will give to our customers, knowing they can see exactly what they are buying and knowing what will be achieved with that light.  We have always prided ourselves on the bespoke nature of our offer and on the incredibly fast production of customer specific designs, this site is a reflection of our service offer in a way that defeats obfuscation.  Check out today, identify the design you require and give us a call to get a personal quotation


November Newsletter 2011

Lighting Systems - Making life easy


When you are setting up an exhibition we all know time is of the essence.  Here at Aardvark Display Lighting we have two lighting systems to make your life easy and most importantly, to save you time.


Our Eazy-Uze low voltage lighting system provides a complete solution to your requirements.  Each Eazy-Uze kit comes with:

·        4 x 50W halogen diachronic spotlights (mounted using our famous Klamp-On system or any of our other attachments) each with a 3M cable terminating in a jack plug.  You can choose any light from our 5 low voltage styles.

·        4 x 5000 hour halogen 50W 36 degree bulbs (though we have a wide catalogue of alternatives including different wattages, beam angles and colours).

·        1 x 200VA 4-jack socket output torroidal transformer with a 3M lead terminating in a 3 pin mains plug (though we can supply European Plugs if required)

·        1 x reusable carry-case made from robust correx.

Clamp your lights on; push the jack plugs into the sockets; push in the mains plug and turn on.  Its as simple as that.  When you’ve finished, unplug and stow away in the carry case until next time


Our Daisy-Chain mains lighting system allows you to daisy chain multiple mains spotlights or floodlights back to a single 3-pin mains plug.  Available for any of our mains spotlights or floodlights, each light is supplied with a half meter cable terminating in a connector.  This is connected to the next light in the circuit with a 3 metre extension (1M, 2M, and 5M extensions also available as standard).  Each extension has a push fit connector to the light and “hook and eye” mechanism for easy release (but stopping accidental release) and a further connector to the next extension.

The last light in the circuit is wired to the 4M mains lead terminating in a 3 pin mains plug. It’s all connected together, or disconnected at break down, in a matter of seconds.  Each mains plug can support up to 2000W lights ie 20 x 50W spotlights or 10 x 200W floodlights or any combinations. We can also supply a simple Eazy-Uze 4-light kit with 4 spotlights, connectors and one mains lead, bulbs and a re-useable carry case.


We know that you need a quick yet stylish and versatile lighting system.  Our mains and low voltage lighting systems supply you with the solutions to make your lives easy.


To find out more technical information to view or buy the products visit our website: or call us on 01709 300050 to discuss your requirements with one of our technicians



October Newsletter

Which Lights?

 I am often asked: “What is the difference between your lights; why should I choose one range rather than another?”  Here at Aardvark we are proud to offer a suite of lighting options so that you can pick the right product to complement and enhance your design.


The first decision you need to make is whether you require spot lights or flood lights.  Our primary floodlight is the 200w, linear halogen, Europa.  This is ideal where you require a wash of brilliant light to rival natural daylight.  You may however choose to use a metal halide flood light and we can offer the Amalthea, a 70 watt or 150 watt HQI projector, mounted on a bar for those heavy duty jobs.


Our range of spotlights is very much larger, because with spotlights, the light tends to be much more noticeable to the viewer of your final design.  With spotlights the first decision is whether to go for a mains range or for a 12 volt, low voltage range. 


Mains spotlights are cheaper (because they do not require a transformer) and can be simply plugged or wired in and turned on.  The primary mains spotlight is the Callisto, using the GZ10 lamp (although the GU10 can also be used) this offers the best colour rendition of all our mains range.  Completely versatile and with simple clean lines this can be used in a wide range of design criteria.  The Ganymede, using the GU10 lamp, offers a solution when the bulb body needs to be covered.  Our final mains spotlight, the Retro, is exactly what it says, a retro styled lamp using an R80 bulb up to 100 watts.


For the best colour rendition, and recommended in all cases where your client is displaying graphics or coloured or chrome products, we offer a number of discrete low voltage ranges.  The Microspot, Mimas, Hyperion and Janus ranges all do exactly the same job, using standard MR16 (GU5.3) 50W (or less) halogen spotlight bulbs.  They are however all styled completely differently to give you and your clients a wider choice of styles.  The primary range, the Microspot, is a hard working yet stylish product and used for myriad applications.


The baby of our low voltage ranges is the Phoebe, a tiny light (the head and bulb only measure 55mm long x 25mm wide) yet delivering a 50 watt halogen output from the halogen ministar bulb.


The 12 volt low voltage lights require a transformer and we can supply multiple transformers (for up to 5 lights) or single transformers either hard-wired in-line, wired with a jack plug and a jack socket on your lights for easy assembly, or supplied ready for you to wire in to “built” stands or POP designs.


 All our spotlights and the Europa are built to your specification, and whilst we offer standard arm lengths and styles, standard colours or chrome and standard “feet” to attach the lights, we can also accommodate your specific design requirements.


So the answer to “Why should I choose one range rather than another?” is simply because:       

                1.      It is the right “type” of light

2.                  You like the design best.


There is always a technical expert on hand to answer your technical questions or discuss your design parameters and we are happy to provide samples of any design if required.




September Newsletter

Recession – What Recession?


We are now fully into the exhibition season in the run up to Christmas.  There are dozens of exhibitions and events taking place every week and thousands of exhibitors in total.  Yet all I read in the papers and hear on the news is doom and gloom.  The economy is flat-lining, Greece is going bust, Italy’s credit rating is going down and a constant stream of economic bad news is enough to turn ever the brightest spark gloomy.  With gloom our mood can easily change to expecting the worst and that can become a self fulfilling prophesy.


But what about you or me? 

We are just tiny minnows in a huge world-wide sea.  Things may be grim overall but that needn’t have any effect on us.  We are in an industry of thousands of tiny players; where even the largest contractors only have a tiny percentage of the overall market.  We can beat the international economic trends and thwart the doom merchants.  What we need to do is to attract just a small number of extra sales and a slight increase in the sale value and if we are spectacularly successful, we will still only be a tiny percentage of the overall market.


Here at Aardvark Display Lighting we cannot help you to get more sales, which is down to your marketing and selling efforts, but we could help you to increase your sales value slightly. 


You all know the value of good lighting: how it will increase visibility in an exhibition; how it will bring graphics and product displays to life; how it will increase sales or enquiries gained from an exhibition stand; how it will benefit your customer’s bottom line; and yet we can still see many stands and displays with poor lighting.  A little extra spent on good lighting will more than pay for itself, and if you can convince your customers of that, you will have your increase in sales value and the recession beating growth.


We can help you in choosing from a wide range of lighting options, help with design if required, customise the lights to exactly meet your, and your customer’s, requirements and deliver to meet your timescales.


If you want to defeat the doom merchants, give us a call or email next time you are doing a pitch or a build and let us help you to beat the recession.



Newsletter July 2011

Exhibiting Show

 I had the opportunity to visit the Event and Exhibiting Show, in Islington last week which was a great opportunity to see our industry display its offering.  There were some very exciting stands and several innovative offerings but unfortunately, at least whilst I was there, the number of potential customers seemed quite low.  I imagine that is a reflection on the state of the market, marketing budgets are still squeezed and it seems that some companies can “make do” with last year’s stand for one more year.


The exhibiting side of marketing is, of course, only one part of our multi-channel approach to our customers.  Increasingly, like many others, Aardvark are using digital media and social networking to try to get our message to our customers, but no matter what channels any of us use, the key question will always be, what is the return on our investment.  This is an easy question to pose, and yet an impossible question to answer.


Almost always, our customers will purchase from us, not as a result of a single marketing message, but as the result of a multi-layered image they have of us and our services and products, which has built up over a period of time.  If someone we meet at a show buys our service, is that a result for the show, or a result from our previous emails, Facebook page, website, advert, editorial and personal recommendation?  We can never accurately measure this, and equally, we should be careful not to take a simple plus and minus approach to any marketing channel.  The numbers may not have been massive at the Event and Exhibiting Show, but as part of a marketing offering to customers, perhaps this is the final piece of a jigsaw that will get more business in the long run.  After all, this is where you can do face-to-face business and start to build a long term personal relationship.


Here at Aardvark we are also polishing up our marketing and are currently sifting through our database updating emails, addresses, contacts and phone numbers.  It never ceases to amaze me how many companies come and go in this industry (my previous existence in food manufacturing saw us buying from, and competing with, companies who were often over 100 years old).  If I have incorrect details on your company, please call or email to keep me up to date.

 Featured product of the month

 The Phoebe. 

When we launched the Phoebe a couple of years ago we billed it as using the worlds smallest halogen reflector lamp and although there has been a great take up, I still feel that it’s potential has only partially been explored as a display light.  A wall mounted Phoebe (as shown) is only 88mm high and 22mm wide yet gives out 50W of beautiful halogen light with a 30 degree beam.  This is ideal for giving your display a sense of drama, and of building depth through light and shade.  Coupled with brilliant colour rendition and its tiny footprint, this can give you a whole new set of options.  To discuss how a Phoebe can solve your lighting requirements, please call Tim on 01709 300050 or email your plans to


Marketing Blog - 7th July 2011


Last week I visited the Harrogate Food Show and had a delightful morning looking round the massive number of micro-producers of all things tasty and sampling too many pies, pickles, cheeses and biscuits.  In lots of ways, a perfect morning, but as I walked around, I became more and more bemused by the lack of coherent and effective branding on the majority of stands. 


The exhibition was almost entirely shell scheme stands, appropriate to the many small producers who did not have their own stand designs.  It is easily possible to promote a brand well in a shell scheme, even at 2 x 1 metre, there were some excellent examples at the show, but the vast majority failed to make the most of the opportunity.


The majority of the stands didn’t have a coherent image on show.  This ranged from having no overall theme to one micro producer, selling meats, who had 4 brand names, 4 logo’s, 4 colour schemes, 4 typefaces all in a 2m x 1m stand and all targeted from one producer to one market. 


It seems that the design industry is missing an opportunity to help these micro-producers optimise on their infrequent outings.  Better stand design would lead to more sales would lead in turn to more demand for space at shows in the future leading to a virtuous cycle of growth for the exhibition industry.  We all win!


The cost of a stand at such a show may count as modest in the show industry, but for the micro-producer struggling to open up sales in a competitive market, the overall cost of such a show can be a very significant proportion of their yearly spending.  How much better return on their investment would they get from a stand showing a unified image, clear branding, “show-stopping” images and displays and all lit to optimise the focus on their superb product? 


The cost of such a stand in “hardware” such as graphics and banners, logo’s, display shelves and good quality spot lighting would be very little different to the mish-mash many stands had put together.  The real increase in costs would be in the designer / consultant’s time in “developing the brand” but, if we take a lifetime look at our customer, wouldn’t it be worthwhile giving them more help up front, to cement our relationship, to help them optimise sales, to get us more work in the longer term?


Here at Aardvark Display Lighting, our role in this is only peripheral, but we cannot exaggerate the importance of good, appropriate lighting in the production of the overall image.  This was graphically highlighted in Harrogate where we met one producer who had an excellent product, clear branding and a coherent image across his stand.  Almost all perfect, and yet, his neighbour had all that as well and had lit his displays up with simple spotlights, bringing his stand to life and making his products shout out.  The neighbour’s stand was busy; I had time for a long chat with the owner of the quiet stand.


For details of how Aardvark Display Lighting can help you to bring your customers products to life, call us on 01709 3000 50 or visit our website


Why lights matter


On the front page of this week’s Marketing Week is the headline:  “Consistency is the number one ingredient of all brand strategy”; and that got me thinking.  I suspect that, like me, you are using the internet more and more in your own marketing efforts, as are your customers, and no one can deny that this is now mega-important in any business, BUT it is not the whole story. 


A great website, brilliant SEO and an integrated social networking strategy will CERTAINLY raise brand awareness.  It can position your brand accurately and can ensure that your name reaches potential customers on a regular basis.  For some sales that strategy will be enough, but the old adage still holds true: “People buy from people”, and however hard we try to give our online presence a personality, it is still words and images on a page or screen.


The tried and tested exhibition format is where all the online branding can come to life, where you can press the flesh, talk “interactively” and make a real friend of your cyber-friend.  It is in this format and in future interactions that you will make the most sales.  It is here that you will forge the relationships which will give you business in the future.


Now you don’t need me to tell you that you have got to maintain your on-line branding through to your exhibition stand, but it seems to me that it is in the finer points of lighting the stand that many companies fall down.  In your on-line presence, colour, tones and design are keys to keeping customers excitedly searching your web site, light is the medium, they view you through a LED display.  This theme of light, colour and shade needs to be portrayed in your physical stand.  A few flood lights or, worse still fluorescents will really not cut the mustard.  Battered old lights using outdated bulbs will say what about your business? – That you cannot be bothered with the detail?


Even the best lights are cheap considering what they will give you.  My “elevator phrase” for Aardvark Lighting is : “We make products which will make you money”, and this is no idle boast.  Next time you are in an exhibition hall, look around.




Press Release


Tim Binns Joins Aardvark Display Lighting


Aardvark Display Lighting are delighted to announce that Tim Binns has joined them on a permanent basis.  Tim was instrumental in setting up and developing Transform Lighting before the business was sold to Aardvark Display Lighting 2 years ago.  Tim has been working in management consultancy for the last 2 years but has been invited to join Aardvark to build on their successful launch to help further develop the business.


Tim said “I know that Aardvark have a world-beating product range and their modular manufacturing system allows them to meet the specific customer needs in the shortest possible timescales, often on a next-day basis.  It is an exciting challenge to come back to the business I founded 12 years ago, and I look forward to helping them make the most of their potential.”


Aardvark’s product range includes 6 low voltage spotlight ranges (Microspot, Mimas, Phoebe, Telesto, Hyperion and Janus), 2 mains spotlight ranges (Callisto and Ganymede), a 200W linear halogen flood light range (Europa) and the metal halide floodlight (Amalthea).  Each light can be assembled with any of the range of arms and on a mounting system ideally suited for the specific installation.  With a range of off the shelf speciality bulbs and either a daisy chain option or low-voltage extension option, these are the most versatile lights you can buy.


You can view Aardvark’s full product range with trade prices at and Aardvark’s technical experts will be glad to discuss the best lighting solutions for an installation, stand or POS if you call: 01709 3000 50 or email:



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